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Your Healing Journey Starts Here

Practitioner Ashlin Tulip has a true heart for people and enjoys helping others thrive in life by using Whisperology and (IBFRT) intention based field resonance testing.  Ashlin has grown up with holistic medicine as a child and continues to practice and learn holistic modalities such as; cold laser therapy, homeopathy, field control therapy, neurostimulation and applied kinesiology. In 2019 her family saw Steve Tonsager for some major health concerns. Shortly after seeing Steve, their lives changed in a remarkable fashion. Ashlin’s family has been blessed by Whisperology, leaving them speechless with the incredible results. Ashlin knew at that moment that this was something truly amazing, especially after trying other holistic modalities. Ashlin offers testing of local and remote visits  at her clinic called Blooming 4 Wellness LLC located in Wabasha, MN.   

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