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Memon is a “bionic instrument” using technology learned and created from nature which is designed to harmonize and re-nature your environment.

Memon works to negate the harmful effects of mobile phones, Wi-Fi, DECT cordless phones, Low Frequency (LF) radiation, High Frequency (HF) radiation, Geopathic Stress and other modern technologies that affect our health and wellbeing.


Blood count after exposure to electrosmog (10-minute mobile phone call): The red blood cells have clumped together (rouleau formation), microcirculation is restricted.



Blood count before exposure to electrosmog: The red blood cells are free flowing and agile.


The effects of high-frequency radiation can have a negative effect on our blood. In dark-field microscopic examinations before and after the use of memon technology, it became evident that memon protects our blood from negative environmental influences.

The following images from 2019 from a vital blood examination by the Holomedic practice show the changes.



Blood count after exposure to electrosmog with memon (10-minute mobile phone call with memonizerMOBILE). The red blood cells flow freely again.

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