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Steven Tongsager

Whisperology is a healing modality created by Steve Tonsager

Steven Tonsager is the founder of IBFRT and Whisperology. He holds a degree in chemistry and master’s degree in biochemistry. After receiving his master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, he established an acupuncture clinic in Wisconsin in 2003. Since then, he has continued his education in Chinese medicine, cold laser therapy, homeopathy, field control therapy, and Tillerian physics. He uses IBFRT and Whisperology as the only form of treatment, with great success, and is now training others in these methodologies.

Whisperology is an informational system that uses Intention Based Field Resonance Testing (IBFRT) to receive and send coherent information for healing. Intention Based Field Resonance Testing is a theory and methodology based on information to send and receive coherent information about any subject including all aspects of health. Coherence is balancing of the entire body, heart, and mind. IBFRT also includes consciousness, informational, energetic and physical levels.

Whisperology is not a medical system, conventional or alternative. IBFRT is not a medical testing procedure. Whisperologists may use terms which are common to the medical and scientific world. Whisperology does not have a different set of terms for targets like heart, kidney, or digestive sytem. It hasn’t invented new words to describe incoherent conditions that may be linked to bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, or anesthetics. Whisperologists may have other qualifications which they bring into the training but whisperology does not teach biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, herbology, Chinese medicine…


Whisperology is also not a mental health system, conventional or alternative. IBFRT is not a psychological testing program. Whisperologists may use terms which are common to the various branches of psychology and mental health when the subject is emotional or mental coherence. Whisperology attaches specific meanings to commonly used words like fear, joy, or love but whisperologists are not counselors, psychologists, or mental health specialists.

Who is Whisperology/IBFRT for? EVERYONE - ALL AGES!

Testing is non-invasive and very simple!  

If we could recommend one thing to do daily to deepen inner peace, practice and begin healing every aspect of your life, it’s to listen to this meditation daily. It has been known to uplift your mood and cause joy!

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